The workshop has three instruments available for hire. Together the three instruments are suitable for and cover the piano repertoire from around 1780 to 1830. Both instruments have been used for concerts, radio and CD recordings.

Hammerflügel nach Anton Walter

Fortepiano after Anton Walter

Replica fortepiano of an original instrument by Anton Walter built around 1780. Compass: FF - g3. Two kneelevers: moderato (left) damperlifter (right) The original instrument is stored in the collection of the Haydn Haus of the Burgenländische Landesmuseum in Eisenstadt, Austria.

Hammerflügel nach Jacob Bertsche

Fortepiano after Jacob Bertsche

Replica fortepiano of an original instrument by Jacob Bertsche built around 1815. Compass: FF - f4. Six pedals (from right to left): bassoon, una chorda, moderato single, moderato double, damperlifter, Turkish music. Veneered in cherry. Built 2009.

The building of this instrument was subsidised by the Region of Salzburg, the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development and the Austrian Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (AWS).




Hammerflügel nach Michael Rosenberger

Fortepiano after Michael Rosenberger

Replica fortepiano after an original instrument by Michael Rosenberger built around 1805. Compass: FF -f4. Three kneelevers: Keyboardshift (left) Moderator (midle) Damperlifter (right).